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Project - Re-leading bay window roof in York -

This property was a mid-terraced house located on an estate in York. The owner had requested us to install new lead to the bay window roofing to stop a leak and damp from the roof.

To begin the old lead was completely removed from the bay window roof right down to the boards on which the lead sat.

At this stage it is vital the boards are checked for and water damage and rot, which on this occasion were found to be fully intact.

We also scanned the boarded for any nails and other items that could puncture and pierce the new lead.

Precise measurements were then taken of the roof in order to start cutting individual cuts/pieces of lead.

Two measured poles are then attached to each corner where the lead will join together, these poles are rounded, this gives the lead a lift above the boards in order to stop any water making its way through the welted joint.

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The first piece of lead on is then laid, running it one inch over the pole head then welted this joint , this method allows the next piece of lead to inter- lock with the piece first laid . This process is repeated with each continues piece until the roof is fully laid.

Once all the cuts of lead where down, fixed and each joint welted the flashing joint was chiselled out.

The left and right side had step flashing and also horizontal flashing across the top of the roof.

Lead bullets were then formed to fix the lead between the joints, this lead is then ground out to smooth the joint. Once theses fixings/bullets where in place the joint was pointed up to secure the lead in place more securely and also giving improved water prevention behind the lead.

The work was completed by polishing the lead up to a shiny finish with patination oil

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