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Project - Hip and ridge project for roof in York -

This project involved the complete replacement of the hips and ridges of a 4 bedroom detached house located in a village on the outskirts of York. This house was approximately 30 years old and this was the first time the roof has required major work.

The first stage of the project was started by removing one full hip at a time.

Once all the hips had been removed each individual tile was removed from the hip. With certain thips it is possible to reuse the individual tiles by removing the old mortar mix but in some cases the mortar mix was too hard and the tiles were damaged as they were removed, therefore a new tile was cut into position on both sides of the hip from bottom to top.

The old hip tiles that could be saved were then cleaned so they were free from moss and existing mortar.

A new mix of mortar on is then applied to each tile and the hips are laid on the 3-1 bed of mortar from bottom to top following a string line in order for the hip to be perfectly straight. The hips are then pointed up to create a smooth finish.

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This process is repeated on all four hips that needed replacing (detached house).

Once the hips are complete it is then time to work on the ridge tile across the top of the roof, this uses exactly the same process but working horizontally this time rather than on an angle as per the hips.

As each ridge is laid the level is checked each time to get a straight horizontal line across the top of the roof.

After each ridge is laid it is then pointed up.

Whilst working on the project is was discovered that the flaunching on the chimney was crumbling and very lose. All mortar was removed from the top of the chimney and re-flaunched it, leaving it sealed and secure from the weather.

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