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DLH understand the importance of lead roofing. Lead is a traditional material and has been used on some of the country's most iconic buildings. It has an excellent reputation for longevity and provides protection against the elements for many buildings.

Lead roofing, guttering and flashing

lead can be present as guttering or flashing or as bridging between awkward walls and roof junctions. We can take on all type lead roof work on many types of buildings including listed and heritage properties.

Lead roofing knowledge

Leadwork requires expert workmanship and we take great pride in doing your roofing job to the highest possible standard.

Because of the changes that climate change have wrought on the environment it is easy to see that this is a real problem. The choice of roofing material is important if you care about the environment, so if you choose lead, you not only provide your roof with a material that will withstand bad weather, you also choose something that will have the least impact on the environment.

As your building gets older, a lead roof will move with the building due to its malleability and flexibility. Because lead needs little maintenance over time, it’s clear that it not only provides an effective alternative to other man-made products, it also saves you money.

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Lead is a material that yields easily as it’s both soft and malleable. This means it can be bossed into a multitude of different shapes and as well as that rolled lead sheeting is extremely durable, potentially lasting for up to 100 years. It’s resistant to corrosion and this means that your roof is safe regardless of the various weather conditions over the years.

You can recycle lead too and this is good for the environment, helping to conserve energy resources while providing durable roofing.


Leadwork will contract or expand with a change in temperature which means that lead will work with your roof, not against it. It’s flexibility in this regard gives you peace of mind, especially if you consider the type of weather we have here in Scotland.


As well as being flexible, leadwork acts as a sealant where there are joins between two surfaces. This is known as lead flashing and acts as a barrier between the brickwork and the roof itself. It can keep your roof safe and resistant to leaking.


Leadwork also covers guttering and joints, and it can also act as a complete roof covering. Its malleability is so useful, that sometimes it is used as part of a roof repair because it can act as a dressing on any part of a damaged roof.